About – Rustic Heart Studio



My name is Colleen and I am the designer and creator of Rustic Heart Studio jewelry.

Tell me…….

Do you like to express your originality by wearing styles that are not mainstream? Do you like to accessorize with eye-catching pieces?

You are the woman I have in mind when I design my jewelry pieces.  With warm-toned stones and textured rustic metals my jewelry awaits the palette that is you. 

I believe that when wearing a special piece of jewelry, we are expressing a connection to something deep within.   

I treasure the pieces I’ve been given and purchased over the years just because they touched a part of my soul. When I wear them, a comfort comes over me  reminding me that I am connected to so many and so much. 

My life long desire to create has led me on a winding journey from crayons to paints to torches! Working with a torch, hammers and metals brought me to where I feel centered and happiest.

My jewelry pieces are inspired by the warmth of nature and my surroundings. The beautiful colors of fall leaves, the weathered barns and farm equipment along the country roads by my home. I love things that have aged with beauty! 

My hope is that when you wear a piece of Rustic Heart jewelry it will touch a part of you that feels the warmth and connection I want to impart. 

The shop is around the corner, please stop in!